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Welcome to the World of Polkamon


Greetings, I am Professor Spot! My team and I have recently made an astounding discovery - an alternate dimension that we have dubbed the "Polka Dimension." To our amazement, this dimension is inhabited by a plethora of creatures that we have named "Polkamon". However, I require your assistance in identifying and recording these creatures in my latest invention, the Polkadex. In this exciting quest, you will be tasked with guessing the names of various Polkamon based on their images. While you may use the hint system to gain additional clues, please note that doing so will impact your score. The scoring system is as follows: 10 points for a correct guess without hints, and points will decrease as you use hints or make incorrect guesses. Are you up for the challenge? Join me on this adventure in the Polka Dimension and let's have some fun!